LT47 Electronic Over Current Relay

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Current Relay
over current relay
Electric Parameter Relay
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Satisfy machine protection requirements
Have definite time characteristics: Current threshold and time based function.

LR97D Electronic Over Current Relay


Product Description


LR97 D and LT47 electronic over current relays have been developed to satisfy machine protection requirements. 
These relays have definite time characteristics: Current threshold and time based function. 
They are particularly recommended for providing mechanical protection on machines with high resistive torque, high 
Inertia and with strong probability of jamming under steady state conditions. 
They can be used for motor protection in the case of long starting times or frequent starting. 
The LR97 D relay also incorporates two fixed time protection functions, one of 0.5 seconds against locked rotor and 
One of 3 seconds against phase failure. 
LR97 D and LT47 can be used to provide mechanical shock protection. In this case, setting the O-Time knob to 
Minimum will ensure tripping in 0.3 seconds. 


LR97 D and LT47 relays are particularly suitable for the following machines: 

Monitoring function for excessively long starting time on machines with a risk of difficult starting: 
Machines with high resistive torque, high inertia machines. 
Monitoring of machines during steady state operation: Overtorque detection function 
Machines with strong risk of jamming, machines with torque build-up over time, 
Mechanical failure monitoring, 
Faster detection of malfunctioning on machines where the motor is oversized in relation to its thermal protection I² T. 
Motor protection for specific applications: 
Machines with long starting times, 
Machines with high on-load factor: More than 30 to 50 starts/hour, 
Machine with fluctuating load from a steady state, where the thermal image of a thermal overload relay (thermal 
Memory) is unsuitable in relation to actual overheating of the motor. 
Examples of machines: 
Conveyors, crushers and mixers, 
Fans, pumps and compressors, 
Centrifuges and spin-dryers, 
Presses, shearing machines, saws, broaching machines, sanders and lifting hoists.


 Relay  Usable  For use  Relay  Reference  Weight
setting rangerange (1)with contactor (2)supply voltage-3
  A  A    
  0.3… 1.5  0.3… 1.3  LC1 D09… D38  a 200… 240 V  LR97 D015M7  0.172
  a 100… 120 V  LR97 D015F7  0.172
  c/a 24 V  LR97 D015B  0.172
  c/a 48 V  LR97 D015E  0.172
  1.2… 7  1.2… 6  LC1 D09… D38  a 200… 240 V  LR97 D07M7  0.172
  a 100… 120 V  LR97 D07F7  0.172
  c/a 24 V  LR97 D07B  0.172
  c/a 48 V  LR97 D07E  0.172
  5… 25  5… 21  LC1 D09… D38  a 200… 240 V  LR97 D25M7  0.172
  a 100… 120 V  LR97 D25F7  0.172
  c/a 24 V  LR97 D25B  0.172
  c/a 48 V  LR97 D25E  0.172
  20… 38  20… 34  LC1 D25… D38  a 200… 240 V  LR97 D38M7  0.172
  a 100… 120 V  LR97 D38F7  0.172
  c/a 24 V  LR97 D38B  0.172
  c/a 48 V  LR97 D38E  0.172


Accessories  (to  be  ordered  separately)
DescriptionForSold  inUnitWeight
use  withlots  ofreferencekg
Pre-wiring  kits  allowing  connection  ofLC1  D09… D1810LAD  7C10.002
the  LR97  D  relay  N/C  contact  directlyLC1  D25… D3810LAD  7C20.003
to  the  contactor    
Terminal  block  for  clip-on  mounting  onLR97  D1LAD  7B1060.1
35  mm  rail  (AM1  DP200)